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Our Herd
Kansas Polled Brahmans includes high powered genetics that we have carefully selected from top Brahman breeders nationwide. We feel these genetics offer the proven pedigrees and outstanding phenotype to improve our herd.
Brahaman Herd Sires
LMC Polled Dakota 49/0
His sire is LMC LF Ambassador 700/7.

LMC Polled Datapack 273/1
LMC WFF Pistolero X JDH Datapack Daughter

Brahaman cows & donors
LMC LF 495 Muneca 234/8
LMC LF 495 Muneca 234/8 is a double polled moderate framed mama cow that has already fulfilled her mission in life of producing a better daughter.  She is sired by the Schneider’s 495 bull and the famous 707 cow that is the MATRIARCH of the LMC herd and the dam to some of the very best polled bulls of the breed – LMC WFC Pistolero, LMC WFF Polled Maestro and LMC Polled Success.
  LMC Polled Eve 412/8
LMC Polled Eve 412/8 is a heavy milking LMC WFF Polled Maestro daughter that is a maternal sister to our Marina del Rey and LMC 40/0 cows.  When we bought this cow she was bred to a Simbrah bull and produced an outstanding 3/8 x 5/8 Simbrah female that is donor quality.   Her dam has nine generations of polled breeding and has three very good daughters by three different sires in our herd.
LMC Polled Muneca 440/9
LMC Polled Muneca 440/9 is a dark pigmented smooth polled Ambassador daughter out of a top producing David Domsch cow whose dam is ¾ JD Hudgins breeding.  440/9 is a full sister to our 83/1 heifer that is also going to be smooth polled and offers the total package that we look for in our females.
  LMC Polled Muneca 40/0
LMC Polled Muneca 40/0 is a super fertile young female that calved before she was two years old and is a BEEF MACHINE. We sold her first calf which is a 3/8 x 5/8 Simbrah herd bull prospect to Dewayne Moore for his ABC Club Calf operation.  We own two other maternal sisters to 40/0 that we invested in because their dam brings in nine generations of old school polled genetics.
LMC LF Polled Miss Kansa 67/1
LMC LF Polled Miss Kansa 67/1 is a fancy, moderate, double polled Ambassador daughter out of our 234/8 cow that is out of Ambassador’s dam making her a line bred ½ brother x ½ sister mating. This heifer is a lot deeper now than when this photo was taken of her at six months of age.  We really like the Ambassador cattle because they are so consistently good, sound, docile and very eye appealing.
  LMC Polled Dolly Kansa 83/1
LMC Polled Dolly Kansa 83/1 is a full sister to our 440/9 cow. Both are extremely feminine, long bodied and structurally sound females. Their dam has a very good udder and has been a very productive cow for La Muneca. We look forward to breeding these Ambassador daughters to our “Pete” bull who is a LMC WFF Polled Success son that is a BEEF MACHINE.
LMC Polled Marley Kansa 137/1
LMC Polled Marley Kansa 137/1 is one of three full sisters that we own all sired by the great Ambassador and the LN Margarita cow that is also the dam to the popular LMC Polled Rico bull. Look at the angularity, power, breed character, bone and femininity that this female offers the POLLED NATION.  We are excited to own these three females that will add some consistency to our breeding program.
  Miss V8 78/7
Miss V8 78/7 is an own daughter of the MR V8 51/6 bull who is sired by the International Champion and Register of Renown MR V8 901/4 bull who is a very consistent breeding bull that can be used on many different kinds of cows.  51/6 is out of Rachel’s popular 98/6 polled cow who is out of the famous Super Stroke bull. 78/7 is out of the Register of Renown V8 189/4 bull. We look forward to breeding her to our LMC Polled Dakota bull.
LMC Polled Ava 7/2
LMC Polled Ava 7/2 is one of the famous LMC Golden Cross heifers being sired by Ambassador and out of a Pistolero daughter that represents one of LMC’s more productive cow families.  We really appreciate the hip design and capacity that our Ambassador daughters possess. This heifer’s dam is one of the favorite young cows at LMC. We co-own this future donor with La Muneca.
  LMC Polled Beth 10/2
LMC Polled Beth 10/2 is the heifer that topped the MAS Simbrah Sale VII selling for $10,000.  She is sired by the popular Ambassador bull and is out of a full sister to LMC WFF Polled Maestro and the 707 MATRIARCH cow.  We look forward to this young female having a big impact on the future of POLLED Brahman cattle.  Her full sister was a champion for Beth Quintanilla.
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Kelly and Donita Barnard
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